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While most of us were cocooning away in quarantine solitude, I decided to channel nervous energy into finishing a painting I started in fall of 2019. The pandemic had many of us wondering what the coming months(or more) would look like and the future seemed even more mysterious and uncertain. I wanted to use some of this time to examine the doubts, hurts, resentments, fears, and self judgements that have been lurking within for far too long. It's my intention to heal and release these heavy burdens and become lighter and clearer...ready to move on to what’s to come. This painting was that wish.


"Sweet Release" On the other side of this, I am something new.

Sweet Release

  • 20x20 giclee print on metal. Lux frame dimensions 26 x 26. First print in a series of 10. You will also recieve a Certificate of Authenticity signed and numbered by the artist.

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