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The artists Jennybird Alcantara and Frida Kahlo have both greatly influenced my painting “Nurturing Ourselves” depicting two female figures with their hearts connecting. Both artists are known for their powerful and expressive works that explore themes of identity, femininity, and duality, and their styles have inspired me to create an artwork that speaks to the strength, complexity, and depth of the human experience.

In my artwork, much like the "Two Fridas" painting, the figures represent the two parts of ourselves: the strong, healthy, and wise part who is trying to heal the other part that is wounded and fragile. This captures the idea that we all have both strength and vulnerability within us, and that it is important to care for and nurture both aspects of ourselves to become whole.

Nurturing Ourselves

  • 16 x 20 giclee print on metal. 1st print in a series of 25.

    You will also recieve a Certificate of Authenticity signed and numbered by the artist. Artwork is framed in a lux frame carefully selected to enhance the painting. 21 x 25 Framed.

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