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Janalee Robison

A Narrative Artist

Janalee is an nationally and internationally collected pop-surrealist artist based out of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. She was born and raised in Topeka, Kansas.  Janalee attended the University of Kansas and received a Bachelor's Degree in Fine-Art with an emphasis in Printmaking. 

Through the years, Janalee has explored many mediums. Always gravitating towards drawing, or some version of it. For many years, she would make drawing on paintings her primary medium until 2017. Wanting to work larger, to achieve a colorful painterly feel, and then to draw on top of it. The process was always somehow missing something and painting was never felt like the right fit, like drawing.  When she switched to digital painting, Finally, the love of drawing  the look of a painting, and her background in printmaking would all come together. 

Janalee draws inspiration from countless visual sources, ranging from movies, and travel — to toys, and the latest fashion.  Also, strongly inspired by fellow artists such as Remedios Varo,  Xue Wang, Mark Ryden, and Jenny Bird Alcantara. 

 Janalee now resides in Eureka Springs, AR with her husband, Edward, where she creates art out of her home studio.  Janalee also co-owns  White Phoenix Films and has been on the film team that creates award-winning commercials and short films. She and her husband co-own the Sacred Earth Gallery in Eureka Springs, AR.

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Sacred Earth Gallery

The Sacred Earth Gallery exclusively features artworks by Janalee and Edward Robison.

White Phoenix Films

White Phoenix Films is a film production company based out of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.


We can handle everything from concept to a final edited film or commercial.

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