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Artist Statement

My artwork is driven by truth and emotion. My inner narrative is expressed in many forms, sometimes it is childlike, humorous and quirky, and other times it’s edgy, angsty, and even a bit dark.


My work gathers inspiration from countless visual or narrative sources, ranging from movies, books, fellow artists, and travel - to toys, and fashion. I am drawn to work by other pop surrealists including Remedios Varo, Xue Wang, Mark Ryden, and especially, Jenny Bird Alcantara.  As a self-declared cinephile, movies have had a profound influence on the story telling nature of my paintings. I have often thought of my work as being a film clip from the movie of my mind/metaphorical life. Fashion plays a large role in my work, whether my characters wear what I wish i could or what i design, it's another layer of creativity for me.

I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel to many parts of the U.S. and the world. On my adventures, I have found many peculiar and unexpected imagery, such as enchanting wallpaper patterns that have become the backdrop for a new piece, or architectural scenes for my characters to frolic through. These momentos help me create the visions of my inner world and become tangible so they might be shared with others.

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